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Humiliation could be the abasement of delight, which generates mortification or causes a point out of currently being humbled or decreased to lowliness or submission.

‘I also realized my military exemption was on account of expire, and I would be forced to affix the army, where gay conscripts put up with violent and sexual abuse.’

abused; abusing 1 : To place to a use aside from the just one intended: being a : To place to a bad or unfair use

‘This programme contrasts the county's enthusiasm for your conservation job in Tasmania with the way it reacts to topics which include domestic violence, assault and sexual abuse.’

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Discriminatory abuse includes picking on or treating someone unfairly since something about them is different; for example concerning:

‘Right before taking his own life, the gunman wrote that the judge experienced abused her judicial electrical power in dismissing his medical malpractice case.’

Police misconduct refers to inappropriate actions taken by police officers in relationship with their Formal duties. Police misconduct can lead to a miscarriage of justice and sometimes consists of discrimination.

Abuse of authority is separated from abuse of electric power in that the act is originally condoned, but is prolonged past that in the beginning conceived which is in not all cases

Purdue Pharma and 3 of its leading executives experienced agreed to plead guilty to rates in relationship with the organization’s misleading promotion that OxyContin was fewer prone to abuse and habit than traditional opioids.

Within a group they could also play brain games with One more individual that here can make the victim seem to be They're acknowledged, but in truth are backstabbing the person when his/her back is turned. When the victim requests support from the abusing group It's not necessarily provided.

Alcohol abuse, as explained inside the DSM-IV, is often a psychiatric analysis describing the recurring use of alcoholic beverages Even with its damaging penalties.[8] Liquor abuse is sometimes referred to because of the a lot less specific time period alcoholism. However, a lot of definitions of alcoholism exist, and only some are compatible with alcohol abuse. There's two different types of alcoholics: individuals who have anti social and satisfaction-looking for tendencies, and those that are stress and anxiety-ridden- people who can go without drinking for long intervals of time but are struggling to control them selves when they start.

‘You spent a lot of your email abusing me for declaring that the share selling price would go down if shareholders did not endorse the change for the US.’

It might be brought about through bullying, intimidation, Bodily or psychological mistreatment or trickery, or by humiliation if a person is unveiled to have dedicated a socially or legally unacceptable act.

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